10 Surefire Ways to Improve Your SEO for Marketing

10 surefire ways to help your website with seo

10 Surefire Ways to Improve Your SEO for Marketing


You have done it. You started your own business. The doors are open, and your site is up and running. So what happens next? You start taking on clients and building your company. You want to build a bigger business. What are some tips that can help you to market your company? Unlock a smart, laser focused digital strategy that includes, SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing and email marketing. But what does this all mean?

dominos-pizza-is-grossQuality Content: Your website is important to your business. The type of content that you put on your site is what drives your customers to your business. Each time your client comes to your site, they will look forward to gaining different information about your product or service.


Create New Content On a Regular Basis: You can get more traffic on your site if you keep fresh new information on your site. This is me calling the kettle black. I have been so busy doing it for other people that I ignore this for myself. Content is king and content marketing is your army.

gastown steam clock getting taken away for repair

Gastown Steam Clock

Trade Blog Posts with Other Sites: Find other people that would let you write a blog post on their site. I hope that they will return the favour and write something on your site. This is easier said then done, since I can definitively say, I’m not the greatest writer. But I’m also not the worst!

Keep Your Customers In Mind: When you write content on your blog, keep the information that you write is geared toward your customers. My customers are like me. Small to medium sized business owners wearing a multitude of hats and getting pulled in seven different directions at the same time. But like all my clients, we do our businesses because we are passionate entrepreneurs.

Keep Your Content Natural: Always create content that fits your personality, and seems like it is something you would say. Personality and authenticity. These are easy words to write and even harder to achieve. A couple of my clients, Denbow and Re.Pose Therapy, have mastered the ability of being authentic. They consistently put themselves in a vulnerable to say, “this is really who I am, take it or leave it”.

Create Fun Things to Do on Your Site: People like to do fun things and may be drawn to your site if you put some fun things on your site, for example; crossword puzzles, word searches, and many other types of games. Who doesn’t like games. My wife Carleigh would tell you all you need to keep me engaged is embed a version of Sim City Build It.

sim city build it

Become A Podcaster: Podcasting and vlogging has become very popular. If you want a great way to get yourself out there start a podcast, you can interview customers, and people that are specialists in your particular field. Again, we need to overcome our insecuritie on this one. Hearing yourself speak can sometimes be like finger nails on a chalk board. Unless of course you are like my friend Nate Bosch. He rocks a deep, manly mans voice. Once that, along with his 6’6″ frame, commands attention. I on the other hand, have a nasally and squeaky voice to match my 5’10” frame…

Ask Questions: Always be willing to learn more about marketing your business. The more questions you ask, the more of an expert you can become at marketing your product or service. Being a great question asker can have the potential to make you a great leader.

Why. The Dude looking at red question mark.

Create a User Friendly Site: If your website is difficult to move around, your customers will become frustrated and probably not return to your site. User experience is key. I always need to remind myself that as I build out websites and tweak my own website. If it’s not easy to navigate and use, you’ll lose your traffic quickly. Google frowns upon this.

Make Social Media Your Friend: Connect with customers on every kind of social media, (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) so that your customers can ask questions, share stories, and communicate with other people that use your product or service. This is where it’s sometimes better to have a few great connections that 10k never met you connections.

FacebookCWIgreen LinkedInCWIgreen TwitterCWIgreen

Using different types of marking for your business will help it to grow. So enjoy putting your marketing plan together and the growth of your business.  If you would like to have some help building and developing your digital marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to me either through email, or at 604-807-8344.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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