Back Linking Demystified

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The best methods to get backlinks from websites of your niche:

1. Testimonials are great way to get dofollow links. Large online business owners don’t advertise it but whenever you yourselves provide the the testimonials to their products, they offer you freebies, recognition and a strong dofollow backlink.

2. Writing reviews about products and asking the product owners for the backlink to that article on your blog. If you write reviews for 100 different products of your niche, you can get atleast 30 backlinks from the owners of products and also at the same time providing valuable high quality content to your own blog.

3. Commentluv blogs.

4. Directory Submissions.

5. A lot of patience.

Manual link building is tiresome but the only way out to success in long term.

Important tips

-All above links should not be made in one go, make one link per day for good results.

-The link sources should be versatile, means try to keep following type of links approx. equal in numbers contextual links, directory links, comment links, testimonials, profile etc.

-Keep a balance of follow and nofollow links, for keeping natural link profile.

-Nofollow links are important and seen by google, listed in webmaster tools.

-Try to capitalize on your college website profile by adding your website link there.

– Use LSI keywords or synonyms of keywords you want your article to rank for as anchor test. Don’t abuse anchor text. Also use words like “here” as anchor texts too.


1. Don’t ask anybody to make links for you, do it yourselves only, its your business, your dream.

2. Don’t buy links from anyone, even if they are provided by a reputed backlinking kings of the market, fiverr, SEOClerks or any other service on the web.

3. Don’t try to fool google, they just need to roll out an update to destroy you.

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