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Constructiv Works Inc. & TNT Crane & Rigging Canada

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TNT Crane & Rigging Canada has firmly established itself in the market since 1985, as a company that provides state of the art equipment that can be used for lifting heavy objects. As part of their plan for expansion, they have acquired two companies. These companies were Stampede Crane Rigging and Eagle West Cranes. With this acquisition, they have been able to invest in Canada and create a platform that sets the pace for their development in this massive market. This growth required a state of the art website for the company, to illustrate that they are better than they have been before and now represent a new brand.


Introducing the New TNT Crane and Rigging Canada

In Houston TX, the TNT Crane company has become a force to be reckoned within its industry. To further strengthen its service offering, the company joined forces with Stampede Crane in 2014. With years of experience dating back all the way to 1980, this is a corporation that has a firm footing in the market providing mobile crane rental services in Alberta.

TNT Crane and Rigging Canada has opened its branch office with Stampede Crane on 3310 Allard Avenue, Leduc, Alberta to serve all the customers in and around the Edmonton area.

The second partnership that they have gone into was with Eagle West Cranes, also in 2014, a well-established company that has been providing mobile crane services to Vancouver as well as the Lower Mainland. It has an incredible range of cranes that can support projects in numerous industries.

To emphasize the new offerings, the site focuses on all the locations where the services are now available, the combined experience of the crews and the full fleet that is available for a customer to rent. There is also the added advantage of having highly experienced crews to operate the equipment, which means that you can count on quality results each time you choose these services.


Features on the New Website

On the new website, you can seamlessly find the latest service offerings. The site can bring forth experience and expertise working together in perfect harmony at TNT Crane and Rigging Canada. This is excellent for customers who are looking for holistic solutions.

To begin with, one can click on the direct links at the bottom of the home page to be oriented towards the websites of the two new additions to the TNT family. This ensures that customers who were previously familiar with these other websites do not end up confused with the new direction that the companies have taken.

Furthermore, contact information for all the new locations is available on the home site, so that it is easier for customers to make contact with the branch that they prefer.

For excellent SEO results, keywords from all three locations have been cleverly incorporated, such as hydraulic trucks, constructions, rigging equipment, trains and so on. Also, one can make inquiries for Incident and Injury Free equipment and be immediately directed to the website.

This is a company that can fully deliver lifting solutions in the safest and most efficient way possible. With its broad reach in the Canadian market, it is sure to continue to achieve success.


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