Javascript Cheat Sheet

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javascript cheat sheet from first site guide

Javascript Cheat Sheet

As a web developer, graphic design artist and all in one digital marketer, I come across a ton of people who are in contact with me who suggest they can help my business. Well I finally ran into someone who was worth his weight in gold. Duke from First Site Guide reached out to me and they are actually a great resource! They have a ton of valuable content, it’s geared more towards the internet Noob but they also have a ton of valuable resources for any level of internet marketer. The question is, do you really want to learn more about javascript? Well read on.

So, you want to know a thing or two about web design, or how to create your own website. Well, it means you’ll need to take a crash course in coding and learn to write in languages that are unlike anything you ever wrote before. This is a point where people tend to get discouraged, but the truth is that the fear is only in your head, because coding is not as difficult as you imagine it to be.

The problem is that the moment you want to start learning, things like HTML, CSS and JavaScript start to pop up, and you are not sure where to start. Well, here is a solution; take a deep breath, and take your first JavaScript baby steps with the help of our cheat sheet.

Here is a break down on JavaScript for you so that you’ll be able to understand it and realize how learning and mastering this skill is not as arduous as you originally thought. JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of the World Wide Web content production process; in other words, a majority of websites implement JavaScript and it is supported by all modern web browsers.

So, if you are ready to start learning, now’s the time. Go through our cheat sheet a few times, and we guarantee that JavaScript will be far more comprehensible once you are done.

Check out their site when you get a chance and here’s a great infographic from First Site Guide on Java Script Cheat Sheet. Enjoy!

JavaScript - Cheat Sheet
JavaScript – Cheat Sheet was created by First Site Guide.

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