My New Crane Blog – Cafe Crane

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A new blog – Cafe Crane

I have always wanted to create and maintain my own blog about cranes. Ever since I was a part of the Eagle West Cranes Crew, I have loved cranes and what they can do.

They are amazing machines. They lift and place huge construction equipment into place. Heck, there are times that they lift large excavators and place them into a pit in the city excavations that are 60′ below street level. I’ve seen the 270 ton Liebherr lift massive precast concrete panels and swing them into place like there nothing. It’s unreal.

Cranes are machines that can tug, pull and perform things on a large scale. The history of cranes can be dated back to the late 6th century when Greeks used the power of beasts to haul, carry and move big objects. Then with the passage of time, the man got smarter and created new ways to lift objects and cranes were introduced.

Cranes are essential in the construction, transportation, electrical, automotive, shipping industries and many other industries. Think about it. With a crane, lifting loads are a breeze. You can easily move loads from one place to another. Cranes are reliable and efficient machines but you need to take care of the safety measures before proceeding. Imagine a life without cranes. Everything would be so difficult. In fact, it would be impossible to carry out the business related tasks. You would not be able to carry or move objects over land or water. Depending on usage, there are different types of cranes.

The sizes of cranes also range from small jib cranes to the tallest tower cranes that are used in building construction. There is mobile cranes, boom trucks, crawler cranes and all terrain cranes. In different industries, forklifts are used to move things around.

In a nutshell, cranes are a remarkable feat of engineering. Life without cranes would be indeed very difficult and troublesome. I have started a new blog on cranes at Crane Cafe. You all are welcome to join me there.

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