Denbow is an innovative service and mulch company that specializes in the processing, delivery and installation of forest residuals.

Originally incorporated in 1981 as an agricultural and poultry supplier, Denbow has since served more than 8,000 customers throughout the province of British Columbia from our home in the Fraser Valley. Over that time, our expertise and capabilities have expanded to include other uses for forest residuals, such as landscape materials, erosion and sediment control products, and more.

Built With User Experience In Mind

We built Denbow to have the necessary navigation to maximize the user experience. We believe it is set up to be simple but strong.

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Denbow is a team of dedicated, future focused professionals who are incredibly focused on making their team and their customers better.

The challenge for the project was to help the Denbow visitor see quickly:

1. What Denbow was all about.
2. Easily navigate to and around the site.
3. Clearly communicate the products and services Denbow offered.

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A service oriented,
Customer focused
group of professionals.

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