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Project Profile: SEO Support for Sorensen Smith LLP


Did you know that 75% of webpage visitors never scroll further than the first page? Just as everyone wants to be recognized, so it is with sites. Every site “competes” for the first page during a web search. What do you need to have a fantastic web page? Your company brand and website have to meet the threshold to get the right to be at the top of the other sites.

The greatest tool for this visibility is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is designed to increase your brand visibility within the algorithmic search results that will allow a lot of traffic into your website. As a law firm with a focus on employment law, a better strategy and use of SEO can boost the number of visitors to your site and hence increase the number of your clients. Below is how Sorensen Smith LLP have been able to benefit from SEO support.

Employment Law

Project Goal

The goal of the project was to provide an incredible SEO support for Sorensen Smith LLP.

Some of the specific objectives include;

To assess the current ranking of Sorensen Smith LLP website on the search engines, e.g. Google
To provide a practical guide on the SEO support strategies that can work for this law firm
To advise on the current trends on digital marketing that can keep the website at the top of others.

SEO Project Description

In provision of SEO support, the following areas were revealed to be helpful for the organization:

Keyword search and Optimization
This entails conducting extensive research on the keywords that are relevant to the firm and having a pretty close focus on the market. It demands getting into the mind of prospective clients to identify what they are likely to search in Google e.g. employment law, employment contracts, workplace policies, constructive dismissals, etc. It basically depends on the kind of content that is developed. High quality content with the relevant keywords will definitely attract huge traffic to the website.

Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) crawl
This involves checking through the website to identify any changes or errors that may make search engine visibility difficult. To make it more effective, this is done once a week. The crawl resolves all the issues including missing meat descriptions, duplicate content, etc.

Keyword visibility and competitor analysis
Ranking of the website on the search engine depends majorly on the keyword visibility. In this case, we track 3 of Sorensen Smith LLPs key competitors in other law firms for certain words, and adjust them to make sure that the site is more visible than the others.

Site Speed optimization
Another area of SEO support is the site speed. This is intended to make the website load faster. The faster it loads, the more users like it. Our task is basically to monitor the speed and optimize areas that needs adjustment such as compressing images.

In addition to the above items, we are also able to provide the law firm with quarterly reports on all the SEO work to help in improving the site visibility and performance within the search engines. These weekly reports are very important for them to improve the website and increase the search engine ranking.


Your website should be able to give the best user experience to all your visitors. We endeavour to provide all of our clients with reliable SEO support and responsive website that will meet their expectations. SEO is a very good digital marketing tool that can spur your legal business to a greater level.

Sorensen Smith Employment Lawyers

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